Black & White Photography?


Modern cameras allow to take B&W pictures, but the pity is that you lose the opportunity to have the color one, unless you save as RAW as well.

Furthermore quality is not excellent in JPEG format.

However converting from color to B&W is not simple as this article explains.

Wildman found a very nice way to achieve excellent B&W pictures from raw ppm files:

convert inputColor.ppm -fx ‘(u.g*0.66+u.r*0.33+u.b*0.01)’ outputBW.tif

Sample B&W result


3 Réponses to “Black & White Photography?”

  1. Wildman Says:

    My approach is based on the article cited in this entry. Its only drawback is that the generated TIFF is 16 bits per channel, and some tools (namely GIMP) cannot edit them. So, do all the editing on the photo (rotation, cropping, etc.) before converting to B&W while leaving B&W conversion as the last step of the processing « chain ». Enjoy high-quality batch B&W conversion!

  2. Fabian’s Blog » Blog Archive » Black and White Digital Photography Says:

    […] Following Camille’s article on B&W photography, I wanted to share with you some thoughts. […]

  3. Wildman Says:

    Camille, please change my link to my blog and my nick to fabman, thank you.


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