Automating Flickr upload


More automating 🙂

I was fed up by having to resize and then manually upload all images to flickr web interface by hand…

So I wrote the little script below, that calls the JFlickrUploader

That script transforms images found in current dir! (use copies!): -family

by default images are reduced to 800×800.

echo "Resizing images to $max_size maximum...."
files=$(find . -maxdepth 1 -type f |grep -Ei 'jpg$|jpeg$|gif$|png$' |sort -r)
for i in $files; do echo $i; mogrify -geometry $max_size "$i";done
$JFU $* -files $files

Note that first time the script is used you’ll have to register the uploading tool to flickr. Follow instructions.



Une Réponse to “Automating Flickr upload”

  1. Wildman Says:

    Two comments, one: I guess it’s better if you add the -quality parameter to the mogrify command to avoid degrading ‘even more’ the JPEG (yes, quality matters), so the mogrify command would be:
    mogrify -geometry $max_size -quality 85 « $i »

    Two: it’s flickr, not fliskr 😉

    Nice article


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